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Office Management

Course Name Course Code Duration Exam

*One Year Office


1 Year

2 Sem

*Two Years
  Office Management


2 Years

4 sem

*Short terms
  Office Management


6 Months

1 sem

NOTE : Apply only those candidates who want bright career, who have aim to do something, Minimum qualification we required pursuing OR completed any Graduation Degree and above. Selection criteria through Interview

Office Management courses are fully designs the aspects to provide quality of education with JOB. Our motive to run these kinds of programs to place better manpower to the corporate sectors and give better growth to the students.

Office Management is better than BBA& MBA because current scenario is 70% students are anyhow want to get degrees, they don’t concern about their career they are still un-skilled. Then Result is nothing they are unemployed or they change their field, Means they are aimless.

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